Surya Teja

What is Vishv?

Vishv is a NFT based game built on Solana Chain. By owning the Vishv NFT, a player can get access to the Vishv P2E metaverse and gain tokens by exploring the metaverse or participating in faction battles.

You can play as any of your PFP NFT characters in the game. Making this game the first open metaverse game in Solana space.

What exactly do I own by purchasing this Vishv NFT?

You own all the weapons, spacecrafts in your NFT which you can utilize for the gameplay in our alpha release. And you are entitiled to earn rewards/bonuses from all the future community projects/applications built on top of Vishv NFT.

Is this a fair mint? How can I verify?

We use Metaplex convention and Candy Machine for a fair minting process.

You can verify this by looking at the transactions of the Candy Machine Account which we will post 1 hour before launch on our discord.

More Questions...

We have a vibrant community and lots of discussions happening in our discord. You can join there and have a chat with devs to know more about the project!