# Exploration

Surya Teja

In this mode players can peacefully explore the game to earn tokens.

As universe is procedurally generated, there will be millions of planets and stars, asteroid belts, nebulae, blackholes, players can discover and mine to farm tokens.

Your spacecraft and mothership from the NFT will be deciding factor of how far you could travel, how fast you can travel and how many new objects you can discover in a given time frame. If your NFT has legendary spacecraft and mothership, you could do better than most players.

The weapons/tools in your NFT and their rarities will be deciding factor for the mining outcomes from mining operations.

This mode can be playable both in single player exploration or a multi player exploration. A party can join on a server and all of them can get into host mothership and enjoy the ride!

More details of gamplay mechanics will be released soon.