# Roadmap

Surya Teja

# Sep-Oct 2021

  • Design attributes and rarities of our NFTs and setup candymachine for fair minting.
  • Launch Vishv social channels, medium blog, and website.
  • Launch our browser playable pre-alpha game.
  • Engage with our community and commence and complete pre-sale and public-sale of NFTs.

# Q4 2021

  • Although we have DAOs to get things done, still lots of things need age-old corporations setup. So, we will setup Proxima Labs Inc. as soon as public-mint commences to make our P2E game a reality.
  • Get a team of 10-15 game devs, game designers, and full-stack devs to start building alpha release of our game.
  • Alpha release main features:
    • Release of iOS and Android versions along with current web browser versions.
    • Players will be able to play our alpha release only if they have our Vishv NFT in their wallet.
    • Players with multiple NFTs can choose spacecrafts from any of the NFTs they own.
    • Players can use any of their Solana PFP NFT characters as their player mascot. Making our game an actual metaverse.

# Q1 2022

  • Release updated Alpha version by taking feedback from community and adding most important gameplay mechanics to keep players engaged.
  • Players can earn in-game points for exploration and mining gameplay. These in-game points are stored on our central servers which we will be converting into actual on-chain tokens after the token release in next quarter.
  • Updated Alpha release main features:
    • Full working gameplay mechanics to earn in-game points for exploration and mining in single-player.
    • Players can navigate millions of star systems procedurally generated in the game and earn poitns for discovering new planes/star systems which no other player discovered.
    • Basic mining capabilities to ming asteroids using on-board spacecraft weapons.
    • All the backend server systems to give players points based on exploration of the Vishv universe.

# Q2 2022

  • Release of our token on Solana chain.
  • Airdrop tokens to the players who have been playing the game since Q1 and earning in-game tokens.
  • Release of our beta version of game which consists of P2E mechanics right from the game.
  • Beta release main features:
    • Players earn tokens right from the game without help of any centralised servers.
    • Release of 3d versions of some of the top Solana PFPs so players can experience better gameplay.
    • PvE mode where players have to fight NPC spacecrafts to earn more tokens.
    • Players can deploy their robots on planetary surfaces to gather scrap/resources and earn tokens passively.
    • In-game exchange system to convert found scrap items or resources into tokens.

# Q3-Q4 2022

  • Release V1.0 version of Vishv game.
  • Streamline most of the gameplay mechanics, tweak in-game points systems so people won't farm points easily.
  • Plans for staking/fractionalisation so more players can take part in our game.
  • Main features on V1.0 release:
    • PvP battle royale mode release.
    • Multiplayer exploration mode release.
    • All gameplay mechanics like using super weapons to mine whole planets/stars and accurate physics will be released.
    • More types of bodies like blackholes, nebulae, all kinds of exotic stars will be released.

# Q1 2023 and Beyond

  • We have lots of exciting plans to make this game more engaging and almost AAA level which we are not gonna post so someone else is not gonna front-run us!